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Updated 9/7/2011
News of Sunday, April 15, 2012
  KDDI selects Gemalto for Japanís first mobile NFC launch
  Summary (4/15/2012) KDDI, with over 34 million customers in Japan, has selected Gemalto for Japan's first commercial launch of mobile NFC services. The launch is a part of the recently announced Japan Mobile NFC Consortium that brings together the countryís three largest operators to coordinate the adoption of multiple international standards for NFC. Subscribers are able to experience various types of contactless services ranging from mobile payments, transportation services, e-driverís licenses, e-ticketing as well as information acquisition from smart posters. The launch sees participation from a wide-range of leading industries including car manufacturers, airlines and cinema operators. The launch in Japan will also allow end users to use NFC services both domestically and outside of Japan. (Business Wire)  
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News of Tuesday, January 31, 2012
  Conversational agent netpeople:a preinstalled on GALAXY S II on au
  Summary (1/31/2012) A Japanese conversational agent, netpeople:a by iNAGO Inc, similar to iPhone’s Siri was announced to be preinstalled on the GALAXY S II WiMAX ISW11SC released on au on January 20th. The app is also available on the GALAXY S II on NTT DoCoMo but must be downloaded from the Samsung Apps market. This announcement follows iNAGO’s announcement on January 10th of the release of its U.S. version of the app "mia powered by netpeople". The conversational agent first release in Japan features restaurant, weather, train transfer, mapping and many other functions. (CNET Japan)  
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News of Wednesday, January 04, 2012
  Willcom announces 2-year discount plan
  Summary (1/4/2012) Willcom has announced that it is extending its "Willcom Spring Sale Fair" through February 29th, 2012. The discount comprises two parts with a free initial contracting fee and 450 yen off the monthly fees for 2 years (regular price is 1450 yen per month). (Keitai Watch)  
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News of Thursday, December 01, 2011
  DoCoMo denies reports of iPhone release on its network
  Summary (12/1/2011) NTT DoCoMo has aggressively denied rumors of a that they had agreed to a deal with Apple in which the iPhone 5 would be launched on its network next summer, following reports on several news sites stating this on December 1st. (Keitai Watch)  
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News of Thursday, November 10, 2011
  NTT DoCoMo to release the "REGZA Phone T-01D" on November 18th
  Summary (11/10/2011) NTT DoCoMo announced that the "REGZA Phone T-01D" will officially go on sale on November 18th. DoCoMo users can also begin pre-ordering their handset from November 11th and DoCoMo shops nationwide. This Android 2.3 smartphone also support DoCoMo’s dMenu and dMarket services. (Keitai Watch)  
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Japanese mobile industry ponders Galapagos Effect
  Summary (gilesrichter.com)
Japan has a super-powerful mobile ecosystem worth billions, brimming with futuristic technologies, business models, and experiences that the world wants to emulate. But is it a model or an anomaly? And does it only exist because it was incubated in isolat...
Surprise? 10 years in, ComScore Discovers m-Commerce in Japan
  Summary (New Media Age)
That's right. After ten years of leading the world in mobile commerce, Japan has leapt ahead to take the lead again, and it has snagged the attention of the foreign media. This surprising non-news was broken by ComScore at the Mobile World Congress an...
Japan slices books into e-reader-sized bytes
  Summary (News on Japan)
Would you pay $1 a copy to have all the books in your house cut up and scanned to PDF? That's what is happening in Japan, where cramped living conditions and the arrival of the iPad in May have spawned as many as 60 companies offering to turn paper bo...
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